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Learn how to create your invoices. These steps are valid for all sales documents.

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  1. Click New Invoice top right or press the N key

When creating an invoice you will be able to distinguish three areas with the same fields for both an invoice and a sales ticket, quote, proforma and sale rectification.

Some fields, such as taxes or ledger accounts, will be filled in automatically in order of priority: contact preferences first, > preferences after product and finally those of the company .

1. Basic information

  • Select the contact to whom you want to issue the invoice.
    If they are not registered, you can type their name and click + Add to create a new one.

  • The document number field is auto-populated based on what you've configured in the Billing preferences

  • The date is by default today , while the due date is set by you

2. Mandatory data

  • In the concept field, add the products or services you want to include. You can select existing articles or create new ones by typing the name and clicking on the + icon

  • Add a description

  • Set amounts, prices and taxes , the total amount will be calculated automatically.

3. Additional fields

  • Write a message visible on the invoice if you need it and add the Custom Fields

  • Select the payment method previously configured

  • Assign a account sales ledger and add Tags

  • Link a Project to track your billing

Verify that all the information on the invoice is correct and click Save to approve it immediately or Save as Draft if you have activated the mode draft .

Add lines, titles, supplies and scan products

You can add a new line to your bill, group concepts by titles , include information about the supplied and even scan products, opening the dropdown just below the field on the total amount.

The generated document will open automatically so that you can view it and carry out necessary actions, such as adding payments or sending the invoice:

Advanced Options

Some details on your invoice come predefined based on what you have configured . However, from the Options menu you can customize your invoice depending on the moment:

Note that the preferences you select will only be valid for the document you are creating. Additionally, you can activate these fields to add more details to your document:

  • Account per item
    Activate this option if your articles are linked to different ledger accounts

  • Tags per item
    Check this box if you have more than one Tag per item

  • Detailed description
    Activate this option to add a previous text to the concept of the invoice

  • Product discount
    By checking this box you can apply a discount for each product line

  • Show discount
    This option is activated by default and is used to show the breakdown of the discounts in the final summary of the invoice

  • Show supplements
    Activate this option to add supplements to the document

E-Invoice / TicketBai / SII Fields

By opening these links you will be able to fill in the necessary fields to process your invoices to the corresponding Provincial Treasuries or administrative bodies.

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