What are waybills in Holded and everything you can do with them

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A shipment in Holded is a key document in inventory management and commercial transactions. It acts as proof of delivery or receipt of goods between companies or individuals.

☝🏼 Although its use is not mandatory, attaching packing slips to orders is common, facilitating the subsequent issuance of invoices.

Purchase shipments are used to record the receipt of goods from suppliers. They do not generate accounting entries, but, if you have the automatic stock system active, they perform stock movements, adding units to the inventory.

When you click on "Receive units" on a purchase order, your delivery note is automatically generated, accurately recording each delivery.

On the other hand, the sales shipment documents product deliveries to customers, without generating accounting entries, but subtracting units from your stock, if you have the automatic stock system active.

When you click "Send units" on a sales order, the sales order is automatically generated, recording the inventory issues. This feature ensures efficient and detailed transaction management, facilitating accurate inventory tracking in Holded.

In addition to containing details of the goods or services provided, a delivery note needs to include:

  • Name or business name of the buyer.

  • Delivery note number (sorted by numerical series).

  • VAT number of the buyer as well as the buyer's fiscal address.

  • Date of issue of the delivery note.

  • Description of the item.

  • The unit price and the price before tax of each of the goods or services.

  • Possible discounts or advance payments.

  • Taxes (VAT) and personal income tax or mention if VAT exemption or reverse charge is involved.

  • The total amount.

💎 Activate Inventory from the Holded Store to use delivery notes and for comprehensive management of your products.

Actions available

From Inventory > Shipments, you can consult the list of all the delivery notes registered in Holded, access them to edit them, update them in bulk, and import or download them:

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