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Streamline the writing of your emails and texts.

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Dynamic words are used to automate the editing of your messages with the data already present in your user account, such as the name of a contact or the type of document.

What are the available dynamic words


Refers to


Account name Holded


Username Holded


Customer or supplier name


Document number


Document Type


The link to the document on the Customer Portal


Document description






Document creation date

[due date]

Document expiration date


Current month in number (1-12)


Current month in letter (January-December)


Previous month in number (1-12)


Previous month in letter (January-December)


Next month in number (1-12)


Next month in letter (January-December)


Current year


Previous year


Next year


Customer or supplier address


Customer or provider city


Postal code of the client or supplier


Customer or provider province


Customer or supplier country

A handy application of dynamic words is when composing the text of your email templates . Instead of leaving an empty space and editing the data each time, you can simply write the following:

' Hi, [name], I'm sending you [doctype] [docnum] for [total]. Remember that it is due on the date [duedate] '.

The system will detect the related data and use it to populate the document automatically, as long as they data is present.

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