Create a project

Create projects for your team to work collaboratively, meeting the established objectives

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Create a project

From Projects you can create and keep track of all your projects, and facilitate communication between the members of your team involved in each of the tasks. Follow these steps to create a project:

  1. Click "New Project"

  2. Choose one of the available templates (you can filter by department type using the dropdown on the right):

    💡 The "Blank Project" option has all the options and features

  3. Click "Next" to confirm the template selection

  4. Fill in the basic information (name, privacy)

  5. Click " Show advanced options ", if needed ( you can inform these fields later, from options of Configuration > Billing )

  6. Click "Create" to confirm the creation of the project

Advanced options when creating a project

In addition to the basic information, you can set additional options for your project by clicking "Show advanced options" inside the project editor:

  1. Select the associated contact and expiration date

  2. Enable the "Billing" option to choose the hourly rate method used to calculate the billable amount for the project. Select the corresponding billing rate, and assign it a value:

    • Project hourly rate: Add this option if an agreed rate per hour of work is established with the client.

    • Member Hourly Rate: Revenue is calculated from each employee's established hourly rate.

    • Hourly rate by billing category: billing will be calculated according to the rate chosen for each category.

    • Fixed Rate: Recorded hours will have the same cost, regardless of employee or category.

  3. Activate the "Cost forecast" option and create a budget to track the progress of the project, setting limits on the use of resources. Select the type of budget and cost from the dropdown menu:

    • Total cost per member: a budget available for each user is delimited

    • Total Cost per Billing Category: The maximum amount available for each category.

    • Total hours per project: The available amount is measured by setting a limit of working hours.

    • Hours per billing category: The project budget depends on the hours logged per category.

    • Hours per member: Define a maximum number of hours per team member.

  4. Confirm the creation of the project by clicking "Create"

    💡 You can inform the advanced options fields later, from Settings options > Billing

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