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Manage the advanced options of a quote
Manage the advanced options of a quote

Add an advance payment and make a billing forecast.

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A quote in Holded behaves like any other sales document: you can create it , perform the basic actions and send it to your customers.

However, there is also the possibility of adding an advance payment on account and making a forecast of billing.

Add an advance payment

This option is also available for Proformas , Purchase Orders , and Sales Orders .

  1. Select the budget

  2. In the detailed view, click Advanced Options bottom right

  3. Click Add payment , just below Payments on account

  4. Fill in the fields about amount , date and account bank or catwalk

  5. Click Save

This advance payment will automatically be taken to your Journal and, even if it has an assigned payment, your budget will not be converted still invoice. Once you convert it to an invoice, it will automatically appear as paid.

Make a billing forecast

In case you want to make a billing forecast, that is, mark a fraction payment of your budget in installments, you can do it by following these steps:

  1. Select the budget

  2. In the detailed view, click Advanced Options bottom right

  3. Click on Add forecast , just below Billing forecast

  4. Fill in the fields on the invoice to be generated

  • Date
    Select the creation date of the invoice linked to this forecast

  • Due date
    Select the invoice due date

  • Description
    Write a short description about your forecast

  • Per item
    Check this box if you need to apply the fractionation percentage on individual products

  • Percentage
    Write the fractional percentage of your total budget

  • Total

    Your forecast total calculated as a percentage, either per item or over the total

In the In the list of your invoices, the documents corresponding to the split amount will appear, while the status of your budget will be shown as invoiced partially . When you need to invoice the remaining part, simply repeat the same steps.

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