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What can you do in the Banks section?
What can you do in the Banks section?

Managing accounts and payment gateways, reconciling and registering remittances are some of the tasks that you will solve in Banks.

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In the Banks section you can manage everything related to your bank accounts and transactions. You will only have to associate your accounts to Holded and synchronize them so that the information is updated and you can work from the platform.

In this way, you will get a detailed and centralized vision of your company's movements and you will be able to:

  1. Add bank accounts, tills (cash) and credit card to track all transactions and control them from a single place.

  2. Add and manage the payment gateways that you use to collect your invoices. This way you will collect and reconcile all your invoices by synchronizing with your bank statement.

  3. Perform bank reconciliations to correctly post all payments and receipts that you have on your bank statement. By performing the bank reconciliation, you will have a true and reliable image of the accounting situation of your business.

  4. Create remittances to settle the sale of any type of merchandise. Through Holded, the remittances will be uploaded to the bank which, upon receiving the order, will be in charge of executing all collections or payments with customers or suppliers.

  5. Record new movements and post payments and receipts which, in turn, may refer to both advances and receipts.

  6. Analyze cash flow and have a reliable picture of cash flow. This will help you determine the liquidity of your business to face payments and continue with your activity.

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