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Adjust the numbering of your documents quickly

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First of all:

  1. Opens the Menu top right

  2. In the Other section, select Document Number Updater

In case there has been a numbering jump or if you simply need to edit the numbering of several documents at the same time, Holded allows you to modify this information in bulk using a CSV/Excel template .

1. Download the import template

  1. Open the import modal as explained above

  2. Download the template in CSV/Excel to see the import format

  3. Opens the downloaded document so you can work on it

2. Fill in the template

Fill in the fields indicated below. Those that are essential have been marked with an asterisk (*).


Indicates the type of document you need to modify. It is mandatory that the elements in this field are in English as follows:

  • invoice (corresponds to Invoice)

  • salesreceipt (corresponds to Ticket)

  • estimate (corresponds to Budget)

  • salesorder (corresponds to Sales Order)

  • proform (corresponds to Proforma)

  • purchase (corresponds to Purchase)

  • creditnote (corresponds to Corrective Sale)

  • purchaserefund (corresponds to Corrective Purchase)

Current Number*

The current number of the document as registered in Holded

Final Number*

Write the new document number

If you leave blank lines, the template will not be imported. It is important to add the data without leaving space and in a correlative way, since you cannot combine lines.

3. Upload the template information

  1. From Import , access back to Other

  2. Click Document Number Updater

  3. Press the Upload File


  4. Select the spreadsheet with the filled in fields that you previously saved

  5. Confirm the action

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