Changes in bank balances
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When managing or reviewing your balances in the Banks section, it is accurate to mention that Holded automatically applies the product categories set by each bank.

On rare occasions, banks may change these categories, affecting the balances you see in Banks.

For example, in December 2023 and January 2024, BBVA, Ibercaja, and Caixabank companies began to categorize some current accounts as lines of credit, so you will see that the line of credit balance will appear with a negative sign.

And as a result of this, in Holded we have also adapted the categories of the companies Ruralvía and Sabadell with the same criteria.

Therefore, if you notice a balance does not add up, please write to our support team ([email protected]) or contact Holded through the app or website. We will help you and make the necessary adjustments.

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