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Warehouses: frequently asked questions
Warehouses: frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

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Why can't I modify the warehouse in a document?

It is only possible to modify the warehouse in documents that do not move stock, such as sales and purchase orders. It is not possible to modify the warehouse in documents that have already moved stock, such as sales invoices, sales receipts, credit notes, receipt notes and delivery notes.

This is done to avoid stock imbalances, since even if the warehouse is modified in said type of documents, no corresponding stock adjustment was made.

Why do some products not appear when filtering by warehouse?

Some products may not appear when filtering for a specific warehouse because only products that have that warehouse assigned as their warehouse are displayed. If a product is not assigned to that particular warehouse, it will not appear in search results within that warehouse.

Why do the stock units in the warehouse differ from the ones I see on the product?

On the product card, stock units reflect all historical movements, including past movements and future planning.

However, when consulting the product units from the warehouse, by default it shows the stock only up to today, without considering future movements, unless the display is modified by adjusting the date in the warehouse.

Why can't I delete a warehouse?

You cannot delete a warehouse if it still contains product units. To check if a warehouse has 0 units of products, download the list of products associated with that warehouse. If there are still units, even in minimal quantities, the inventory will need to be updated (stock count) in that warehouse before it can be deleted.

Why doesn't the document include the default warehouse indicated on a product?

The default warehouse option on a product is designed so that when manually adjusting the stock, the default warehouse is displayed when searching for the product. However, currently this selection is not automatically reflected in the sales or purchase documents when selecting the product with default warehouse.

How can I select, on a purchase order, a different shipping address other than the default warehouse address?

When creating a purchase order, the default shipping address will be that of the main warehouse. To change it to another address in one of your warehouses, go to "Options", choose the desired warehouse and then select the corresponding address in the "Shipping Address" section.

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