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Create the numbering of your documents
Create the numbering of your documents

Establish numbering preferences in your purchases and sales.

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  1. Open the Menu in the upper right corner

Holded allows you to create numbering lines for each type of document that needs this legal requirement. In addition, you have the option of activating the internal numbering in your purchases.

Create numbering lines

  1. From Document Format , select the type of document in the sidebar

  2. Click the Add Line button

  3. In the popup window, use the Name field to identify the line

  4. Under Format , set a default format.
    Use [YY] or [YYYY] and the % symbol to automatically calculate the year and number .

  5. The Last No. is automatically updated with each new invoice

  6. In Return select the numbering of corrective purchases or sales linked to this specific line

  7. Click on Create

Remember that the format F[YY] %% % corresponds to the numbering F23-001, F23-002, while the format F[ YYYY] %% %% will become F2023-0001, F2023-0002.

Edit or delete numbering lines

  1. Select the document type

  2. Click on the line you want to modify

  3. Edit the information and press Save

  4. If you need to remove the numbering line, just click Remove in this very window

If the invoice number doesn't change automatically or if the expected number doesn't appear , you may have edited a number manually or deleted a particular invoice. In this situation:

  1. Edit the line numbering of the type of document you are working with

  2. In the Last No., field, enter the number before the one you want to appear on the new invoice. That is, if you want the new invoice to be created with the number 2 , enter the number 1 in Last no.

Activate internal numbering in purchases

In the purchase invoices and purchases corrective , you can activate an internal numbering to have more control exhaustive of your expenses.

  1. Select Purchases or Corrective Purchases in the sidebar

  2. Click the Activate internal numbering


  3. Confirm the action

It is recommended to use the format C %% %% -[YY] to differentiate the internal number from the numbering from your provider.

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