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Sell and buy orders in Holded and everything you can do with them

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Sales Orders

A sales order is a document comprising a contractual agreement between a sales organization and an applicant for the delivery of goods or the provision of a service with a price, quantities and defined deadlines.

Such an order creates a link between seller and buyer, acknowledges the fact of a sale, and is typically generated right after the customer submits a purchase request.

In addition to containing the details of the goods or services for sale, a sales order needs to also include:

  • Name or company name of the buyer and seller

  • Order number (sorted by number series)

  • Order issue date

  • Description of the concept

  • The price per unit and the price before taxes of each of the goods or services

  • Possible discounts or advances

  • Taxes (VAT) and personal income tax or mention if it is exempt from VAT or there is a taxable investment

  • The total amount

Purchase Orders

A purchase order can be defined as a request or request for goods or services to a provider in particular. This request specifies said goods or services, as well as price, quantity, payment and delivery conditions, among others.

This is a commercial document that obliges the buyer to accept delivery of the products or services he has ordered, provided the agreed terms are met. The buyer is the one who prepares the purchase order that is sent to the supplier of goods or services, and the supplier, in turn, issues the sales order to the buyer.

Both the purchase order and the sales order are binding documents when accepted. The main difference is that the purchase order authorizes the sale of products, while the sales order confirms the sale of goods.

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Available Actions

From the section of Orders , you will be able to consult the list of all the sales and purchase orders registered in Holded, access them to edit them, update them en masse and import or download them:

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