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Create and assign email templates
Create and assign email templates

Save time in communication with your contacts.

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  1. Open the Menu in the upper right corner of your screen

You can create and customize all the email templates you need to send

your sales documents and purchase orders.

Create email templates

  1. Under Email Templates , click the + New Template


  2. Assign a name to identify your template

  3. Choose the design. The Basic or Boxed options include colors and logo, among other things, while the Plain design does not.

  4. Select the language in which the email fields will appear

  5. Check the box Use as default template if you want this template to be assigned by default to your emails

  6. Enable the option Include link to Portal so that your document is available on the Customer Portal

  7. If you need to Include attachments as PDF to your email, check the appropriate box

Once you've set your template preferences, write the Subject , Message , and Signature with the help of the dynamic words and click Save . You can check how your email will look by clicking on the Send test button.

Assign the email template to your documents

If you don't link any email templates to your documents, the one you marked as Default will be used by default.

  1. Open the Menu in the upper right corner of your screen

  2. Under Document Formatting, click the document type from the sidebar

  3. Select the name of the email template you want to link to from the


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