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Configure the email delivery system
Configure the email delivery system

Apply the necessary settings to send your invoices through Holded and learn how to check the history of your emails.

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  1. Open the Menu in the upper right corner of your screen

To send your documents such as invoices, estimates or orders by email, you will have to choose between three different delivery systems: you can use Holded's servers , configure delivery from your email server or use your email campaign provider .

Use Holded's servers

  1. Under Email Sending , select Send from Holded from the

  2. The Email Name corresponds to the sender's name. It can be yours or your company's.

  3. Type the email address where responses will arrive in the Reply To


  4. Choose the public recipients ( CC) that you want to copy. They will be displayed by default in all your conversations.

  5. Choose the hidden recipients ( BCC) that you want to copy. They will be added by default to all your conversations.

  6. Click Save

Configure sending from your SMTP server

With this option, available only for Advanced and Premium plans, emails will be sent using your own server email provider like Gmail or Outlook.

  1. Under Email Sending , select Send from your SMTP from the

  2. Fill in the Name, Reply To, CC and BCC fields as explained above

  3. In Send From, type the sender address that you want to appear in your emails

  4. The field SMTP Username corresponds to your SMTP email address
    Gmail : Your Gmail email address
    MS Office 365/ Outlook: Your Office 365 email address

  5. The SMTP password is the password to access the server
    Gmail : create a specific password to connect your account
    MS Office 365/ Outlook : the password of your Office 365 email

  6. In SMTP Server write the address of your server
    Gmail :
    MS Office 365/ Outlook:

  7. The SMTP Port field refers to the SMTP port
    Gmail : 465
    MS Office 365/ Outlook :587

  8. The TLS checkbox is used to activate the TLS security protocol
    Gmail : This option has must be enabled
    MS Office 365/ Outlook: This option must be disabled

  9. Click Save

Gmail Users

If you use Gmail , you'll need to enable two-step verification , as well as creating a application password specific to connecting your Google account to Holded and approve access to less secure applications .

Set up sending from your email marketing provider

With this option the emails will be sent through the server of your own external provider between Mailjet, SendGrid or Mailgun.

  1. Under Email Sending , select Send from your provider from the dropdown

  2. Fill in the Name, Reply, To CC, BCC and Send From fields as explained above

  3. Select your provider from those available

  4. In Public API Key paste the public API key of your account if your provider requires it

  5. In the Private API Key field, paste the private API key of your account

  6. If your provider is Mailgun, select the region between EU and US

  7. Click Save

Check your email history

In the Email History you can find all emails sent from Holded, as well as the linked document , the address of the recipient and whether it was received and opened successfully.

  1. Under Email Sending , click the History button

  2. Check all the details of your sent emails

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