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Solving problems: Setting up SMTP document sending
Solving problems: Setting up SMTP document sending

Configure the SMTP and TLS fields of your email server.

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What is the problem?

You have never configured an external email provider in Holded, or you have doubts about how to fill in the fields of the SMTP protocol for sending emails.

How to solve it

The data related to your SMTP server is managed from the Control menu > Settings > Account > Email settings and then select the option Send from your SMTP in the drop-down menu.

The first four fields are common to any email sending method:

  1. Email name: corresponds to the sender's name. It can be yours or your company's.

  2. Reply to: email address where the replies to your emails will arrive.

  3. CC - Visible copy emails: indicates the email addresses that you want to have always in copy of what you send; all the recipients will see them.

  4. BCC - Non-visible carbon copy emails: indicates the email addresses to which you always send a copy of your messages, without the rest of the recipients being able to see them.

The following five fields are unique to the SMTP configuration:

  1. SMTP Username: your email address.

  2. SMTP Password: the password to access your email.

  3. SMTP Server: your email server address.

  4. SMTP Port: is a number that indicates on which port email communications are carried out.

  5. TLS: checkbox to enable or disable the TLS security protocol.

Below are examples of these fields for Gmail and Outlook:


MS Office 365 / Outlook

SMTP Username

SMTP Password

use the password of your MS Office 365/ Outlook account

SMTP Server





check this box

keep this box unchecked

Additional information from the external mail provider

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