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Find out of balance seats and renumber seats
Find out of balance seats and renumber seats

As closings approach, accounting records need to be reviewed. Use the seat finder and detect errors quickly.

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Find out of balance seats

For your business accounting to be consistent, entries must balance on balance sheets and listings must show a correct result.

In Holded you will be able to review the journal entries through the entry search engine and identify those that need to be corrected. This way you will know if there are unbalanced entries in your records to correct.

To check for mismatched seats, perform the following steps:

  1. Click on Transactions and account digits first, and Search for transactions after.

  2. Review the entries and correct what you consider necessary.

After editing the mismatched entries, review the Balance Sheet to confirm that all entries balance.

Renumber seats

If the numbers and dates of your entries do not correlate, you can renumber them and order your Journal. The only thing to note is that journal entries will be listed chronologically within the period you select .

To perform this process, perform the following steps:

  1. Go to the Menu and click Settings .

  2. Click on Account entries and digits first, and Renumber entries after.

  3. Indicates the period .

  4. the box and confirm the action.

Note that renumbering seats takes a few minutes . You'll know it's over when the seats are numbered and the en dash (-) disappears.

Finally, to verify that the entries have been recorded correctly, go to the Journal, choose the same fiscal period, and review the entries.

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