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Create and manage your services
Create and manage your services

Learn how to create your services to include them in your business billing.

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The Services section in Holded allows you to have a record of the elements of your activity, or service, and save their basic information . If you need to control the stock of your products or segment by families, you should use Inventory .

Create a service

  1. Click New Service at the top right of your screen

  2. Fill in the fields and click Create

  • Name

    Corresponds to the concept in your sales documents

  • Code

    The internal code to easily identify your service

  • Description

    The details of the service (hours, type, location, etc.)

  • Tag

    Tag (or label) to filter your services

  • Sales account

    Select the ledger account related to the service.
    You must belong to the sales or income group (70, 75, 76 or 77).

  • Price/unit

    The tax base (amount per price without tax)

  • Cost/unit

    The default purchase price without tax

  • Sales Tax

    The type of tax to apply to the subtotal. You can add 3 types of taxes at the same time (VAT, Withholding, Equivalency Surcharge).

  • Total

    The total amount of the service, taxes included. It is calculated automatically (Subtotal + Taxes).

Edit and delete a service

  1. Select the service from the listing

  2. Opens the three-dot menu

  3. Click Edit to modify the information or Delete to delete the service from the list

Archive a service

When archiving a service it will not be shown in the list.

  1. Click one or more icons to the left of the name of the services

  2. In the bottom bar, select Archive

You can undo this section by selecting the Archive filter and, once the affected services have been selected, clicking on Archive > Unarchive .

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