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Check the Income report
Check the Income report

Analyze where your business is with respect to your income.

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First of all:

  1. See Analytics in the toolbar

  2. Select Reports

  3. Click Sales and then Earnings in the sidebar

What is the Income report

This is an automated report where all the data about your income is collected. The difference with the Sales report is that this report not only collects the data related to the merchandise sales ledger accounts (group 70), but also the data related to the other accounts in group 7 , such as:

  • 71 (Stock Variation)

  • 73 (Work done for the company)

  • 74 (Grants, donations and bequests)

  • 75 (Other management income)

  • 77 (Profits from assets)

  • 79 (Excesses and provisions)

In summary, this report also gathers data on revenues that are not linked to the sale of a product or service

You can export each section of the report in Excel or PDF, filter by Tags and choose which is the graphic display that best suits your needs, between the bar and the line. With the star icon you can mark the report as your favorite and see it as soon as you enter the Reports section.

Understand the data

You have the possibility to filter the information you need to consult by date, with a maximum time range of 12 months.


This is the main category, where all the data related to all of your income is gathered. The data shown is broken down according to:


The information about the cost that you have added in the tab of a product. In the event that there are cost variations, an average will be made between the indicated cost and the amount entered in the purchasing documents posted for that same product


The total amount of taxes linked to your sales


The difference between Sales and Cost


The number of units sold as recorded on sales invoices


The tax base, that is, the total amount of sales without tax


The sum of Sales and Taxes

Income by account

This is where data about your revenue is collected, organized by all ledger accounts of sales, i.e. group 7.

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