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Model 347, what to take into account?
Model 347, what to take into account?
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Form 347 is an annual informative declaration of the transactions carried out between a company or self-employed person and third parties during a tax period.

In accordance with the General Accounting Plan, this form must be filed by those companies and self-employed individuals who carried out transactions in excess of €3,005.06 during the calendar year, calculating the amounts of deliveries and acquisitions of goods and services separately.

If you would like to know more about this form in detail, read this article published in the section on Consultants and Management Firms of the Holded blog: Form 347: what is it and who must file it?

Lastly, remember that to access the forms you have to:

  1. Go to the Accounting section and click on Taxes.

  2. In the Upcoming taxes panel, click on Show all.

  3. Access the model you want.

Clarifications on the fields

  • In the contact tab, check that the country has been associated. In this way, the country field will be automatically filled in the form.

  • The representative's TIN field is only filled in when the person is under 14 years of age. Otherwise, it should be left empty.

Keys to avoid mismatches

  • Check whether your contact's invoices are subject to withholding tax, as in this case they will be included in the withholdable transactions forms and you will not have to add them to form 347.

  • The form is completed with information from documents created from the Sales/Expenses section. To avoid errors, information recorded directly from the journal is not considered.

  • Intra-Community invoices do not appear on this form because they are declared on form 349.

More recommendations

  • Within form 347, you will find the Quarterly Breakdown button which will take you to the list of all the contacts considered in the declaration and their respective quarterly operations. This list can be exported to Excel.

  • Check the Sales by customer and Purchases by supplier report to identify those customers or suppliers with transactions exceeding the amount to be reported in the 347 form.

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