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Create and manage recurring purchases
Create and manage recurring purchases

Automate the recording of your expenses.

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💎 Activate this free functionality from the Gems section in the Hold Store .

of all:

  1. Go to Expenses > Expenses

  2. Select the tab Recurring Purchases

Recurring purchases are expenses that are billed regularly for the same amount and products, such as rent, and for which you can configure the automatically generation of purchase invoices.

Create a recurring purchase

Click the blue + button or press the N key to create a new recurring invoice.

In addition to following the steps explained here , you will have to:

  1. Determine the Interval of broadcast time, its Start and its End

  2. Activate the option Create automatically so that the purchase invoices are generated on the day of their date. They will be saved as a draft so you can review them.

Manage recurring purchases

To edit, duplicate, delete and export your recurring invoice, as well as view its history, schedule creation and activate or deactivate the automation, simply:

  1. Select the invoice from the list

  2. In the sidebar that opens query and edit auto-creation

  3. Opens the three dots (⋮) menu to edit details, duplicate or delete the invoice

Convert a purchase invoice to recurring

  1. From the listing, select your invoice and access its detailed view

  2. Click the Convert button

  3. Select the option recurring purchase

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