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Add and synchronize a bank, a credit card or a box
Add and synchronize a bank, a credit card or a box

With Holded, you can control all your bank accounts from one place. Gain comfort and follow each movement in real time.

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The way to add bank accounts, tills (cash) and credit cards in the Banks section is similar in all cases, for so you only have to learn to do it once and repeat the process when you need it.

By adding a Bank, card or box to Holded, you will be able to:

  • Synchronize and reconcile your transactions.

  • Monitor purchases made with all credit cards.

  • Record and track your cash transactions .

How to add your accounts to Banks?

  1. From the toolbar, go to Banks .

  2. Select the Banks section.

  3. Click on the Add account button located in the upper right corner .

  4. Click on the option you want , whether Bank, Credit Cards or Cash. In this case, we have chosen Bank to exemplify the process.

  5. Enter your login details and click Continue.

    Always write the username and PIN that you use in your online banking and avoid using auto-completion. And if you receive a key via message from your bank, enter it.

    On the other hand, if you choose to click Add manually , you will have to import the transactions from Excel and enter different data. In the case of a bank, you will have to indicate: Name, IBAN, BIC/SWIFT and Currency. Also, remember that by choosing the manual option, the alternative of automatic synchronization is excluded.

  6. The main Banks screen will open. In the panel with the account information, indicate from which date you want the information to be synchronized.

  7. After defining the date, click on the Synchronize button located in the upper right corner so that all movements are listed.

  8. Finally, go to Settings from the three-dot button ( ⋮ ).

  9. the box for Automatic Synchronization.

    auto sync will update new moves every twelve hours from the last move date.

And finally, consider that:

  • The movements in the box will be created automatically when creating a collection or payment from Holded.

  • Select the bank associated with your company and not with your private account.

  • If you work with Qonto, you can include it by repeating this process, since it works like a company bank account.

  • It is not possible to make transfers or bank movements to pay invoices or others from Holded.

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