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Speed up reconciliation through suggestions
Speed up reconciliation through suggestions

After linking your account, Holded will recommend ways to reconcile your movements. Use the hints and save work.

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The suggestion generator will associate receipts and payments as well as sales and purchases with a move and, in a matter of seconds, will It will indicate what to reconcile based on the amounts, dates or concept.

To use the suggestion generator, all you have to do is:

  1. From the navigation bar, go to Banks .

  2. click on the Banks button located below the Cash Flow table.

  3. Choose the Bank account in which you want to do the reconciliation.

  4. Click on the Go to Reconciliation button located in the upper right corner.

  5. On the new screen, you will have two options for using hints: update and review.

    • The Update and Review Suggestions options will help you find suggestions, while the Magic Wand will help you reconcile one or more movements within an account.

    • The Update suggestions button will activate the search for new matches and detect if some of them have become invalid due to changes in the documents .

    • The Review Suggestions button will allow you to access all the recommendations generated by Holded. A new modal will open from which you can view, approve and discard the reconciliation proposals suggested by the system.

    • The magic wand indicates that this move has reconciliation hints.

  6. Once you have updated the suggestions, mark the transaction(s) you want and click Reconcile at the bottom of the screen .


  • If you want to dismiss the suggestions, you simply have to click on the cross that you will find to the right of each one.

  • You can use the Reconciled option from the dropdown menu on the bank statement, and click on a specific transaction to check against which documents it has been reconciled.

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