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Manage tasks and appointments, and organize and plan your activities efficiently

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Holded's calendar is a task and appointment management tool, which allows users to organize and plan their activities efficiently.

It not only works like any other calendar, showing all the activities in your calendar. It is also a powerful tool to be able to manage and monitor all those essential reminders for your company, such as invoice due dates, recurring expenses, and CRM activities.

This functionality intends to help users increase their productivity and improve their personal and professional organization.

☝🏼 You can invite participants, create reminders and integrate opportunities from CRM and contacts

Information contained in the Calendar

  • My Calendar: My Calendar concentrates those activities manually created by you, such as a call with a provider. They can be activities generated in Holded or synced from your external calendar:

  • My shared events: Here you will find the invitations to the activities that your colleagues organize and that they want to share with you.

  • About my opportunities : view and manage the deals associated with your clients, filter by status or date, and edit or delete individual opportunities.

  • System events: are automatically created so that users in your company with the correct permissions can see relevant dates about documents created in Holded. For example, when creating an invoice, Calendar generates an entry for its creation date and another for its due date.

The functionality includes creating and managing events, scheduling activities, synchronizing with other applications, and displaying the agenda in a clear and orderly manner.

1. Log activities

From Calendar you can manually create activities, register them, and assign them a category, such as Call, Meeting, Flight, etc.

☝🏼 Activities can also be created by managing Opportunities in the CRM , in the section Activities , or from the "Create (+)" button on the toolbar.

Learn how to register Activities here

2. Schedule activities

The activity scheduler allows you to create links to custom pages where a meeting with you can be booked based on the time slots you want to make available.

Learn how to schedule activities here.

💎 Activate the Activity Scheduler gem in the Hold store.

3. Synchronize your external calendar

Holded can integrate with your external calendar (Google, Outlook, etc.) through a two-way connection, so you can have all your events synced in one place:

  1. Click the "+ Add Account" button on the left of your screen.

  2. Add your email address and password to connect.

    ☝🏼 Depending on your provider, you will be asked to grant permissions to Holded or not (for example, Google asks for them).

Now that your account is integrated, you can choose which calendars you want to enable by activating the corresponding button.

Considerations for synchronization with external calendars

  • The connection is bidirectional: all changes made in Holded will be reflected in your external calendar and vice versa.

  • Events will be synced up to 30 days back.

  • When you connect a calendar from an external account, Holded will copy properties like color and guests from the original

  • If you have multiple calendars synced from your external account, you can enable only the ones you need. You can activate or deactivate them at any time.

  • Events synced from an external account will be automatically assigned a default activity type. You will be able to change the activity type of the new synced events, but not the old ones.

  • Anyone within your company with a Holded account can connect their own external calendar privately (not shared with other users).

  • When guests with a Holded account are added to an event, they will appear in the Holded Calendar under "My shared events".

  • Those guests who do not have a Holded account will receive the invitation by email with your calendar account as the sender.

4. Delete a connected calendar account

  1. Click on the built-in calendar account on the left of your screen.

  2. Click on the trash can icon, right next to it.

  3. Confirm the operation.

5. Change the default activity type of an external calendar

To change the default activity type of events coming from synchronization.

  1. Click on the built-in calendar account on the left of your screen.

  2. Select from the "Default type the type of activity" drop-down menu the desired activity among those available: Call, Meeting, Flight, Lunch, Dinner.

6. Save an activity to your external calendar

When you create an activity, either from Sales > Activities or directly from Calendar, you can save said activity to your external calendar.

  • At the end of the create an activity , open the dropdown menu and select the external calendar.

  • Click "Create" to finish the operation.

☝🏼 Note that an activity can only be linked to an external calendar and cannot be modified once saved. Moreover, you can link different calendars to different events.

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