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Create and manage activities
Create and manage activities

Do not miss a detail of your agenda.

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Activities allow you to record reminders and events in your Holded Calendar.
You can create them for yourself and invite others, as well as link them to CRM Opportunities and link them to a contact to appear in their history.

Create activities

1. From Activities

  1. Click on New Activity

  2. Fill in the fields

  3. Click on Create

By default, the activity types will always be Meeting, Call, Flight, Lunch or Dinner . You can customise them or include more types from Configuration>CRM>Preferences.

2. From Calendar

  1. Select Calendar from the Menu

  2. Click on + New Activity on the top right hand side

  3. Fill in the fields

3. From Opportunities

  1. Select your funnel

  2. From the tab, click on Create New and Activity

  3. Fill in the fields

  4. Click on Create

Actions available in an activity

Create email alerts

You can create reminders that will be sent by email along with an accompanying note. Notifications will be sent automatically based on the time options you select.

Share an activity

Depending on whether or not the person you invite is a user of your Holded account, you can either assign them an activity or, if they are an external user, invite them. For those users with an assigned activity, the event will appear in My Shared Events in their Holded Calendar.

Add an Opportunity

Assign your activity to an existing opportunity or create a new one.

Link a contact

Link the activity to a customer or supplier.

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