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Manage the access and permissions of the users of your account

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From Settings > Users , manage the access and permissions of the users of your account depending on the requirements and organization of your company. Depending on the assigned role, you will be able to establish the limits of access to certain areas of the platform.

Invite a user

To invite new users to your company account, follow these steps:

  1. Click "Invite Users"

  2. Type the email address of the user you want to invite:

  3. Click the dropdown to choose the role of the user:

    • Roles predefined : the most common roles already predefined in Holded

    • (if you have created them previously): those custom roles from the predefined roles that best suit your needs

  4. Enable the "Guest" option if Holded is to be used solely to manage data as an employee or supervisor. Learn more here

    💎 Check the number of available invitations and improve your plan to expand it

  5. Click "Invite" to confirm the action

🎥 Check out our Step-by-step video on How to create and assign custom roles

Predefined roles:

  • Owner: who has registered the account and who can delete it. It has access to all the sections, and it cannot be assigned, only transferred.

  • Administrator: access to all areas of the platform, and with the right to add or remove users. There may be more than one.

  • Finance: with access to Sales, Accounting, Contacts, and Projects > Projects

  • Sales: with full access to Sales and Contacts, Accounting > Payments, the Projects > Projects section, and read-only access to Inventory > Products

  • Full access to Inventory: access to Inventory and Contacts in full and Projects > Projects (only visible after have activated the Inventory gem )

  • Human resources: with access to Team as a whole, to Accounting > Payroll and Projects > Projects

  • Projects Member: gives access to the section of Projects > Projects

  • CRM Member: with access to the Opportunities and Activities section of the CRM

If the Holded is used solely to manage data as an employee or supervisor, grant Guest permissions when giving access to a user . Learn more here

Resend or revoke an invitation to a user

To resend or revoke an invitation, follow these steps:

  1. Under Pending Invitations, click "Resend" or "Revoke"

  2. Confirm the action

Change the role of an existing user

Changes a user's role if, for example, they have been promoted or occupy a new position where they need new permissions:

  1. Select the user you want to modify

  2. In the popup side panel, click "Change Role"

  3. Select the role you need

  4. Press "Confirm"

Remove a user from the account

Remove a user from your Holded account if you want, for example, to stop a former employee from having access; or if you want to free up space to give access to a new user but you have already exhausted the number of invitations available in your plan

  1. Select the user you want to modify

  2. In the popup side panel, click "Remove user from account"

  3. Press "Confirm"

Only users with Administrator role can remove other users

Deleting the user will remove access to the team member, leaving a space available that you can occupy through new invitations to the account

💎 Check the number of invitations available in "+ Invite users" and improve your plan to expand it

Transfer account ownership

Transfer ownership if, for example, you have acquired a new position and are no longer in charge of managing it; or if you were the creator of it and now you leave the company. By transferring ownership you lose the rights to access and use your Holded account, which pass to the new owner:

  1. Select the user you want to modify

  2. In the popup side panel, click "Transfer Ownership"

  3. Check the checkbox, and click "Confirm"

You will only be able to transfer ownership of your account to users with the Administrator role. Also, users with custom roles will not be able to own the account

☝🏼 Apart from transferring the account, in case you want the new administrator to be able to manage them, it will be necessary to give them access, one by one, to the necessary projects or funnels, including past projects already completed

Create a custom user role

Customize access and permissions by creating custom roles (only available if you have purchased an Advanced or Premium plan). Activate the features that interest you, and select the sections available to the user:

  1. Click "Manage Roles", and then press the "+ Create Role" button

  2. Name the new role and add a description

  3. Activate the features and sections you need

  4. For those sections that include the generation of documents (invoices, payroll, etc.), set the permission level between these three:

    • All: the user will have permission to view and edit documents and content

    • Reading: the user will only be able to consult documents and content

    • No access: the user will not be able to consult or edit any type of document

  5. Click "Save Role"

☝🏼 Please note that users with custom roles will not be able to transfer account ownership in the future

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