Configure My Zone

Manage access to an employee's private area, organize their document folders and activate basic functionalities.

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My zone is a space designed for the day-to-day of an employee, where each worker in your company can consult and manage their profile and payroll , in addition to requesting absences and marking their hours .

Grant access to My Zone

To access My Zone, a Holded user account is required.
If your employee does not have it yet, you must invite them :

  1. Click the Invite users button at the top right of your screen

  2. Type the email address of the person you want to invite

  3. Select the role of the user. With the Guest option, it will be possible to access only My Zone.

  4. Click Invite. People will receive an access link to the platform by email.

Once your employees have a user account, you'll need to link it to their profile.

  1. Go to Employees from Team

  2. Select the person

  3. In the left sidebar, click Assign User

  4. In the profile preferences, select the user account from the Employee User Access dropdown and click Save

Activate visible options

Customize what features you want to enable for your employees in My Zone.

  1. In the Available functions section enable the options that interest you.

Organize document folders

By default there are 4 folders already available for employees to upload and find their documents. You can modify them or create new ones, depending on what you need

  1. In the Employee Documents


  2. Click + New Folder My Zone as supervisor

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