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Create an employee profile

Register and complete the data about the workers of your company.

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of all:

  1. Go to Team from the toolbar

Learn how to create and complete an employee profile.

1. Create an employee profile

  1. Click the New Employee button in the top right or press the N

    > key

  2. Fill in the fields with the information about name , last name and email

  3. Select the team you belong to

  4. Click Create

2. Fill out an employee profile

  1. Click on your employee's name from the listing

  2. From the pop-up window on the left click the Edit


  3. Fill in the details about Preferences and assign the user profile to your employee so they have access to My zone

  4. Fill in the fields about personal data

  5. Enter information about accounting. The accounting accounts are preselected by default and you can modify them if you need to.

Once these steps are complete, click Save .

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