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Point of sale
Create a store profile and manage your checkout
Create a store profile and manage your checkout

Add details about your store and set up checkout payment methods.

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💎 To correctly use this functionality you will have to activate the Paid Gem Point of Sale, available at Holded Store , in addition to downloading the Holded POS app for tablets iOS or Android .

The first thing to start selling is to create your store profile and fill in the checkout details. Keep in mind that for each store profile created, a box will be automatically generated and you will only have to fill in its details.

Create a store profile

  1. From Sales > Point of sale , click Create Store

  2. Fill in the form with information such as name and address

  3. Choose a store reference. It can be an already created store or a new one

  4. Click Save

Fill in the information about the box

Configure your store's checkout and assign the corresponding payment methods and bank account.

  1. Enter the profile of the store you just created

  2. Click the 3-dot (⋮) menu next to the box and press Edit

  3. Name your box and add a short description. A cash account will be generated with this same name.

  4. Select one of your bank accounts. If you haven't already, learn here how to add a bank account in Holded.

  5. Click Save

To add a new cash register, press the Add Cash Register button, located at the top right of your screen and repeat the steps above.

To be able to delete a box it is necessary to have created at least two: one box per store will always be kept by default.

Modify or delete a store profile

  1. Access Point of sale

  2. Enter the profile of the store you just created

  3. Click the 3-dot (⋮) menu

  4. Select Edit Store or Delete according to your needs

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