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Add your profile information, and set up your password, two-step verification, and navigation bar

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To edit your user profile on Holded, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Menu > Edit Profile

  2. Edit the information you want:

  3. Click "Save"

1. Profile information

Fill in or modify the basic fields of your profile:

  1. Photo : Upload or replace your profile photo by selecting one from your PC and clicking "Open"

  2. First and last name : add first and last name to your profile

  3. Phone : add your phone number

  4. Language : This is the language you use as a Holded user. Click the dropdown, choose your language, and click "Save"

    The language of the user profile should not be confused with the default language of your documents

2. Password

Modify the password with which you currently access your Holded account by following these steps:

  1. Click "Change Password"

  2. Enter your current and new password in the respective fields

  3. Click "Change"

  4. You will be redirected to the login screen where you can connect with the new password

3. Two-Step Verification

By activating double factor authentication (2FA), your account will be more secure. In addition to the password, you will need a secret code sent to your mobile phone to gain access.

📚 Learn more about the two-step verification

4. Customize the top bar

Holded's navigation bar allows you to find and access all of the platform's tools and options. In addition, the bar is customizable, allowing you to change the order in which they are displayed, and keep only the tools and options you need visible.

Within the Edit Profile menu, customize the bar in the following ways:

  • Add: select the tools and/or options you want to add

  • Remove: select the tools and/or options you want to remove

  • Re-order: drag the tools from left to right and vice versa

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