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Customize general preferences, users, email and tags

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To set up your Holded account, follow these steps:

  1. Under "Account", select one of these options:

1. General Preferences

1.1 Account details

Once you have created your company account, fill in the basic information so that appears on the sales invoices you issue in Holded:

  • Company name: the fiscal name is the name that will appear on the sales invoices.

  • Tax ID number: add the company's VAT number or Tax ID number if you are self-employed.

    In Holded, each company account can only have one name and fiscal address.

  • Enter business name: fill in this field to activate the option for the business name to appear on the invoices.

  • Enter VAT: if you have an intra-community VAT number, you can add it.

  • Email: the email with which the account has been created will appear. This is the email address that will receive the notifications that are activated in Holded.

  • Phone: add your company phone number or the phone number of a user of the account.

  • Holded ID: use this identifier for your team to access your company's employee portal.

  • Replace photo: add your company logo to appear in the top right-hand corner and if you wish, you can activate it to appear on the sales documents.

1.2 Billing address

This is the information that will appear on the documents you issue and on the invoices that Holded will issue to you:

  • Address: enter an address for issuing documents

  • Town: add the main town where you do business.

  • Postcode: enter the postcode of the town in question.

  • Province: enter your billing province

  • Country: select your country.

    Select "Spain - Canary Islands", to issue your invoices without VAT.

1.3 Preferences

Here you can set the currency for your accounting in Holded, or the default language for the documents you issue:

  • Currency: the currency you select here will be the one that will appear in the Holded accounting, even if you post invoices in other currencies.

  • Decimals: modify the number if you want more than two decimals to appear on the invoice.

  • Language: this will be the default language of the documents (you can change it from within the document). The information with which you have filled in the documents (name of the document, name of the accounting accounts, etc.) will not be affected by the change.

  • Corporate colour: the selected colour will be the predominant colour in the documents generated in Holded.

  • Numeric format: select the option to separate thousands and decimals (comma, full stop).

  • Time zone: select your time zone to synchronise the due dates and dates of the documents.

  • Date format: select the type of date from those available.

1.4 Legal information

In this section you can consult the general terms and conditions of use, the privacy policy or the cookies policy; as well as the Data Protection contract signed by Holded in PDF format:

1.5 Deleting your account

Deleting your account from Preferences means that you will no longer be able to use Holded's functionalities. Please note that you will no longer be able to access your data or account, either to view or download any documents. Learn how to cancel your subscription here

☝🏼 We strongly recommend that you export all your data before closing your account (once you unsubscribe you will not be able to access your invoices or journal).

2. Users

From Settings > Users, you can invite other members to work with you by adding their email address and assigning them a role (Administrator, Finance, Sales, HR, Project Member or CRM Member).

The user will receive an email invitation to join your team on Holded. Once they accept the invitation, they will be able to log in to Holded and start using the tool:

💡 It's important that you assign appropriate user roles to each member of your team to ensure that everyone has access to the functionality and data they need to do their job.

3. Email configuration

From this section you will be able to configure:

  • Email sending: choose and configure the sending method according to your email service provider.

  • Email templates: create, customise and manage the email templates you use in Holded to save time in communicating with your contacts.

4. Manage tags

Tags or labels allow you to mark elements such as contacts, products, documents and entries within Holded. Tags make it easy for you to consult and analyse the information you have added to the platform.

You can quickly filter these elements in the corresponding list or carry out a detailed analysis of your business.

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