Holded's integration with Wix

Synchronize all the information of your Wix online store to Holded

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This integration allows you to sync all the information from your Wix online store to Holded. In this way, the order data will be uploaded to Holded every time a change is made in your online store.

Holded will use the SKU of the product to link the information between the two platforms. Your stock level may be affected if a product order has the same SKU, even if sync is not enabled.

The two parts of the integration

1. Sales

Wix orders can be imported into Holded as sales tickets, sales invoices, or sales orders. In the case of sales tickets and sales invoices, they will only be imported when they have been marked as paid in Wix. If you choose to import as a sales order instead, they will be synced regardless of status:

☝🏼 Please note that Holded does not care about issued refunds

  • Sales order: allows you to manage cash on delivery orders and be able to make changes, converting orders into invoices, for example. You will be able to check the status of your orders and customize it exactly as it is configured in Wix.

  • Sales ticket: is recommended when no invoice is created; With this option, canceled orders will not generate an invoice, allowing you to convert all requested tickets into a sales invoice. They will only be generated when Wix orders are marked as Paid.

  • Bill of Sale: This is used for completed orders and will import the customer's billing data as it is in Wix. These details can be modified once the process is complete. They will only be generated when Wix orders are marked as Paid.

☝🏼 Note that if you choose the option to import as Invoice or Sales Ticket, Holded will only import orders when they have a status of Paid in Wix

You can assign a sales channel and then perform a detailed analysis of your sales through Holded's analytics solution. You can also choose to associate a specific invoice template.

💡 In the Advanced Settings tab, you can customize the import of your orders, deciding, for example, how and when to create a contact or selecting the consecutive numbers to apply to the orders . See here for details on how to import your Wix orders

2. Warehouses

Holded allows you to select the warehouse from which the orders from the online store will subtract stock. In the event that you have created your products in Holded and its SKU (product code) matches that of your online store, when importing your orders, Holded will identify the product and assign it to the document.

If you have selected the option to import as invoices or tickets they will be discounted automatically. If, on the other hand, you have selected the option to import as orders, the stock will be discounted when you click Send units

Multi Stores

In case you have more than one store in Wix, you can sync all of them with the same account Holded.

Integrate Wix

Follow these steps to sync all your Wix online store information with Holded:

  1. Go to Menu > Holded Store , in the upper right corner

  2. From the "Integrations" tab, click on "Wix":

  3. Click "Activate": the Wix icon will appear in the menu on the left, under "Integrations":

  4. Click the icon and in the pop-up panel, click "Activate" again

  5. Click Add Store. This will forward you to Wix, where you can add the Holded app:

  6. Click "Add to site"

  7. Sign in with your Holded account

  8. Configure, below, how to import your orders, as well as your default warehouse:

    • Sales:

      Follow these steps to configure how to import your orders:

      • Fill in the fields:

        • Convert to: select how you want to convert your orders between Invoices, Sales Receipts or Orders.
          Remember that if the payment has been made, your orders will generate a sales ticket or an invoice (if you have selected this option), while the orders that have not yet been paid will become sales orders. Corrective sales are intended for returns.

        • Sales account: select the sales ledger account that you want to link to your orders

        • Payment Methods: Link your Wix payment methods to the banks or gateways you have added to your Holded account

        • Correcting account: select the sales ledger account that you want to link to your returns

      • Select the "Advanced settings" option to define things like document numbering and ledger accounts:

        • Create contacts: Check this box if you want a new contact to be generated for each imported order.
          Keep in mind that if the same customer places several orders, only one contact will be generated.

        • Bank: Select the payment gateway associated with your sale

        • Template: If you've set up a document template, click the dropdown to select it

        • Include tax in product price: Checking this box will use the Wix price as the total and subtract the sales tax assigned in Settings > Billing > Sales & Purchases.
          By deactivating this option, the Wix price will be used as a subtotal and the sales tax assigned in Settings > Billing > Sales and purchases will be added to it.

        • Update Documents: Select from the dropdown menu if you want your sales documents to be updated with order changes in Wix

        • Manual ledger account no.: Check this box to select a single ledger account for all your created contacts

        • Add order number in notes: check this box if you need order numbers to appear in the notes of your documents

        • Default taxes: check this box to apply the configured tax in case Wix shows empty or with 0% tax.

        • Exclude orders with no value: Enable this option if you don't want orders with no value to be imported

        • Automatic tax adjustment: Checking this box will cause the system to apply automatic rounding so that the invoice amount in Holded is the same as in Wix.
          By not activating it, there may be a difference in cents because different rounding methods are applied between the two platforms.

        • Document numbering: Select from the drop-down menu which numbering you want to apply among those previously configured in Holded

        • Use line numbering: Enable this option if you want the numbering used for your Wix orders to be Holded

          Click on the icon to access more information

    • Warehouses

      Click on the dropdown menu to select the warehouse where to register your stock movement:

  9. After following these steps, click the "Save" button at the top right of your screen

Click the Synchronize button at the top right of your screen every time you need to update the data

How to set up taxes by country in Wix

This feature is only available for accounts Premium

1. Create the taxes

  1. Go to Menu > Settings > Billing > Taxes

  2. From Taxes , click on the "New tax" button, top right:

  3. Fill in the data:

  4. Click "Create"

2. Assign tax to imported sales

  1. From Taxes , click on the "Taxes by country" button, top right:

  2. Select "Add Country" and choose the country from the dropdown menu:

  3. Click "Next"

  4. Below the added country, click the "New Rule" button:

  5. Name the rule, and choose which Section the taxes are associated with:

  6. Click on Taxes and select from the dropdown menu
    the one you want to link:

  7. Click "Save"

💡 Remember that the taxes of some countries may coincide with the Spanish ones. In order for sales with contacts in Spain to be correctly identified, you will also have to generate the tax by country for Spain, assigning the corresponding VAT

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