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Holded Store: integrations
PrestaShop: how to integrate with Holded
PrestaShop: how to integrate with Holded

Follow these steps to synchronize all the information of your PrestaShop online store with Holded

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1. Start the integration

  1. Go to Menu > Holded Store, in the top right hand corner.

  2. From the "Integrations" tab, click on "PrestaShop".

  3. Once PrestaShop is selected, click "Activate"; the PrestaShop icon will appear in the left menu under "Integrations".

  4. Click on "Connect and configure" and, in the pop-up panel, click again on "Connect and configure".

  5. In the PrestaShop configuration modal click on "Download PrestaShop Plugin".

    ☝🏼 For the Plug-in to work correctly you need to have PHP version 7.4 and Prestashop 1.7.8.

  6. Once downloaded, go to Menu > Settings > More > Developers.

  7. Click on the button "+ New API Key" and create a new key.

  8. In your PrestaShop account, you can go to the Modules list and upload the folder of the plug-in you downloaded from Holded.

  9. Copy the API key in the Holded plug-in settings section.

    ☝🏼 Ideally, generate only one API key. If you have more than one shop or more than one synchronisation, you can use the same key.

  10. Click "Save".

2. Complete the integration

  1. Select PrestaShop from the Holded Store and click "Activate".

  2. Enter the first part of your PrestaShop URL (usually the name of your shop).

  3. Click "Settings" to open the synchronisation window with the 4 sections:

    • Sales:

      Follow these steps to configure how to import your orders:

      1. Fill in the data:

      • Convert to: select how you want to convert your orders between Sales Order, Sales Ticket, or Sales Invoice.

      • Sales account: select the sales account you want to link to your orders.

      • Payment methods: link your PrestaShop payment methods to the banks or gateways you have added to your Holded account.

        2. Select the Advanced settings option to define things like document numbering and accounting accounts:

      • Create contact: check this box if you want to create a new contact in Holded each time an order is imported.

      • Template: in case you have set up a document template, click on the drop-down menu to select it.

      • Manual account number: tick this box to select a unique account number for all your created contacts.

      • Default tax: check this box to apply the configured tax in case PrestaShop displays empty or 0% tax.

      • Automatic tax adjustment: by checking this box the system will apply an automatic rounding so that the amount of the invoice in Holded is the same as in PrestaShop.
        If not activated there may be a difference of cents due to different rounding methods being applied between the two platforms.

      • Document numbering: select from the drop-down menu which numbering you want to apply from those previously configured in Holded.

      • Use invoice number: by checking this box the invoice number will be the same as the invoice generated in PrestaShop.

      • Show delivery address: tick this box if you want the delivery address to be shown on the document generated in Holded.

      • Import payment method: tick this option if you need the payment method to be the same as in PrestaShop

      • Relate contact by ID: Check this box if you want your contact in Holded to be linked to PrestaShop's internal contact ID.
        If unchecked, the contact will be linked first by email and then by VAT number.

      3. Select Configure order statuses to mark the status of your order respecting the status numbers previously configured in PrestaShop:

      • Paid: orders with the related number will be imported as tickets or invoices and will be marked as paid.

      • Pending: orders with the related number will be imported as tickets or invoices with no payment added.

    • Products

      Click on the drop-down menu to select whether you want to import your products.

    • Stock Level

      Click on the drop-down menu to select if you want to synchronize your stock.

    • Warehouses

      Click on the drop-down menu to select the warehouse where you want to register your stock movement.

  4. After following these 4 steps, click the "Save" button at the top right of your screen.

Click on the Synchronize button at the top right of your screen every time you need to update the data.

Delete my PrestaShop shop on Holded

If you want to delete your PrestaShop shop on Holded, follow these steps:

  1. First, in PrestaShop, go to Modules > Module Manager.

  2. Locate the 'Holded' module, drop down the options, and click Deactivate.

  3. Once deactivated, go back to the options and click Uninstall.

Once this is done, the shop will usually disappear from the Integrations section of your Holded account. However, sometimes it may still be listed there. To confirm this, go to Menu > Settings > Integrations > Prestashop. If you still see the shop listed:

  1. Click on Settings.

  2. In the bottom section of the page, click Delete shop.

☝🏼 Remember that deleting the shop will delete the data and settings associated with it; be sure to copy any important information before you do this. Data already synchronized (documents, products, contacts) will not be deleted.

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