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Learn how to record customer and supplier data so that all the information is centralized automatically.

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  1. Access Contacts from the navigation bar

  2. Click the New Contact button or press the N


The details of your customers or suppliers will automatically fill in some fields of the invoices created in their name. Therefore, when registering a contact of any type, you have at your disposal four tabs on the basic data , the banking information , in addition to the preferences and accounting information.

1. Fill in the basic fields

  1. Choose whether the new contact is a Person or a Company

  2. Enter your name and NIF or CIF.

  3. Add the fiscal location data: Address , City , Postal code , Province and Country

  4. Enter the Trade name and the VAT identification. These fields will only appear if you create a Company and they are optional.

  5. Includes contact information: Email , Phone , Mobile , Website

  6. Add the Tags, tags that will be automatically incorporated when you generate a document on behalf of this contact

  7. Select the contact type to assign them a specific ledger account.

The basic fields for an invoice to be valid are: Name, NIF and full fiscal location. The indicated e-mail address is where the documents will be sent.

The trade name identifies a company in trade, while the number VAT is an EU tax identifier for companies operating between member countries.

2. Add the contact's banking information

Bank information will be taken into account when generating remittances for payment and collection with the contact.

Click Add Bank and fill in the fields below:

  • Bank
    Select the corresponding bank from the dropdown

  • IBAN
    It is essential to indicate the client's IBAN in order to create remittances in Holded

    The security code to identify the receiving bank when making a transfer. If it is a national contact, it is not necessary to include it.

  • Ref. mandate (Remittances SEPA) :

    This is the creditor identifier and must be provided by the contact

  • Mandate date (SEPA remittances)

    Corresponds to the start date of the mandate with the contact. It expires when 36 months pass from the last payment

To set a bank as a favorite for a contact, check the Default Bank box. If you want to remove this bank, tap Remove . On the other hand, if you want to add an additional bank, click on Add bank .

3. Set preferences

Set a contact's preferences to automatically include them in related documents.

  • Indicates the language and the currency of the contact, keep in mind that the system will automatically create the documents with the language you choose

  • Select a sales account , and if the contact is a supplier, add a purchasing account to be automatically added in the documents

  • Includes the of the contact to better identify it

  • Links a payment method with which the contact will make the payment

  • Select a default due date . It will appear automatically when creating an invoice.

  • Add the discounts agreed upon , they will appear automatically when generating an invoice

  • Assign custom

  • Select a fixed payment day taking into account the expiration date previously assigned to the contact

  • Show business name on invoices : Check this box if you want the previously included business name to appear on invoices

  • Show country on invoices : Check this other box to include the customer's country on the document

  • Customize the numbering lines by clicking on Assign Default Numbering Lines. Remember that the numbering line assigned by contact prevails over those assigned in Configuration .

  • By clicking on e-invoice fields you can add some of the necessary data to complete the fields of an electronic invoice .

4. Enter accounting information

  • Include sales and purchase taxes so they appear by default in the document

  • It is not necessary to fill in the fields in the ID number section unless you want to assign a specific accounting account

  • In the Operation drop-down, you must select the tax rate you want to add to the contact and specify whether it Accumulates in the model 347

  • In case you activate the SII a series of new fields will be unlocked to add some of the data needed to complete an invoice

  • that you can report when creating contacts:

When you have completed all the steps above, press the Create button.

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