Equipment: a start-up guide

The first steps in the configuration and management of your company's employees.

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1. Define your company's absence policies

Customising your company's absence policies is an essential step in team management. In Holded you can create as many as you need, differentiating by type and establishing the characteristics and requirements of each one.

  1. Open the Menu, located in the top right-hand corner.

  2. Click on Configuration

  3. From Team, selectAbsences

By default, the Basic model is available, which you can customise as you wish.

2. Set the types of absences

Once the policies have been defined, you will have to determine the types of absences available. You can use four types already configured: holidays, sickness, paternity and illness of a family member. You can modify them according to your needs or create new ones by following these steps:

  1. Click on the New type of absence button

  2. Fill in the fields and click on Create.

3. Organise your work teams

The second essential step is to organise your company by teams.

  1. From Teams, click on + New team

  2. Name the team, assign it a colour and an icon, and define its leader.

  3. Click on Create team

4. Create and complete an employee profile

Once you have set up your absence policies and organised your teams, you will need to create your employee profiles.

  1. Go to Team from the toolbar

  2. Select Employees

  3. Click on New Employee

  4. Fill in the fields with first name, last name, email and team information

  5. Click on Create

After creating an employee profile, you will need to complete the employee's profile with preferences, personal details and accounting information.

  1. Click on your employee's name from the listing

  2. From the pop-up window on the left, click on the Edit button.

  3. Fill in the fields on all tabs.

  4. Click Save

5. Assign your employee to a user

In order for your company's employees to have access to My Area, their personal employee space, they will need a Holded user account. If your employee does not have an account yet, you will need to invite them. The invited people will receive a link by email to access the platform.

  1. From Configuration>Company account> Users, click on Manage roles.

  2. Click on the Invite users button at the top right of your screen.

  3. Type in the email address of the person you want to invite

  4. Select the user role you want to assign. By selecting the Guest role, you will only be able to access My Area.

  5. Click on Invite

Once your employees have a Holded user account, you will need to link it to their profile.

  1. Access Employees from Team

  2. Select the person

  3. In the left sidebar, click on Assign User

  4. In the profile preferences, select the user account from the Employee User Access drop down and click Save

6. Assign an employment contract

For each employee, you will need to register an employment contract and assign it to their profile.
By default, 6 types of employment contracts are available: Permanent, Temporary, Internship, Contractor, Agency or Training & Apprenticeship .

  1. Go to Team and click on Contracts.

  2. Click on New Contract

  3. In the creation mode, select the employee from the drop-down menu

  4. Select the type of contract

  5. Fill in the title, dates, salary and hours fields

  6. Activate the contract

  7. Upload a copy of the contract

  8. Click on Create

If you need to create other types of contracts, you can do it from Configuration>Team>Organisation.

7. Add an absence

You can consult the list of absences of your employees, assign them to approvers, delete them and even create absences for your employees.

  1. Go to Team and click on Absences.

  2. Click on Add absence

  3. In the creation mode, select the employee from the drop-down menu

  4. Choose the type of absence, set the duration of the absence and upload a supporting document if necessary.

  5. Click on Create

8. Create a payroll

Although payrolls are related to employee management, in Holded they are considered and accounted for as a company expense. For this reason they will have to be created from the Expenses section.

  1. Go to Expenses and click on Payrolls.

  2. Click on New payroll

  3. Enter the name of the employee

  4. Enter the payroll posting date.

  5. Detail the concepts: Salary, Total S.S., Company S.S. Expense and IRPF (Personal Income Tax)

  6. Add a description and Tags

  7. Attach the payslip

  8. Click on Create

9. Terminate a contract

Ending a contract will not delete an employee's profile: it will simply change their status to ex-employee and they will no longer be charged for it. When retrieving a contract, the status will be changed to active and the employee will be charged for it again. For both actions:

  1. Select the person and go to their profile by clicking on the More button.

  2. From the Contracts tab, click on the three dots menu (⋮) on the top right hand side

  3. Select Terminate contract

  4. Choose the reason for termination, set an end date and leave a comment.

  5. Click Continue

  6. Enter the employee's email address

  7. Confirm the action

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