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Consult the Team reports
Consult the Team reports

Analyse in detail the information of your company's employees.

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First of all:

  1. Go to Analytics in the toolbar

  2. Select Reports

  3. Select one of the Team reports in the left sidebar.

What are Team reports

These are automated reports where all the data about your company's employees is compiled. You have the possibility to filter the information you need to consult by date, with a maximum time range of 12 months.

You can export each section of the report in Excel or PDF, filter by Tags and choose the graphical display that best suits your needs, between the bar chart and the line chart. With the star icon you can mark the report as your favourite and view it as soon as you enter the Reports section.

Employee Reports

These reports gather all the data related to your employees. The data shown is broken down according to:

  • Employees: Evolution of the number of employees with an active contract in the company.

  • Employees per team: Number of active employees in each team.

  • Incorporations: Incorporations in the company in the last 12 months.

  • Incorporations by team: How these incorporations have been distributed in the different teams.

  • Incorporations by gender: Percentage of incorporations according to gender.

  • Contract terminations: Number of employees with terminated contracts

  • Terminations by type: Which types of contracts have been terminated

  • Distribution by gender: Distribution of the workforce by gender

  • Distribution by team: Employees per team out of the total

  • Nationalities: Distribution of nationalities of the company's staff members

Payroll reports

These reports bring together all the data related to your employees' payrolls. The data shown is broken down according to:

  • Salary increases: Total amount spent on salary increases.

  • Salary comparison: Salary table for all employees in the company.

  • Wageincreases per team: Separate wage increases for each team

  • Compare wage increases by team: Wages received separated by work team

  • Payroll development: Payrolls of all employees with active contracts

  • Payrollby team: Payrolls of all employees in each team

  • Average payroll comparison per team: Weighted average of payrolls per team

Absence reports

These reports gather all the data related to the absences of your employees. The data shown is broken down according to:

  • Absences: Total number of absences in a given period of time.

  • Average absences per employee: This is a cumulative average over each month.

  • Absences per team: Number of team absences over a given period of time

  • Average absences per team : Average of absences for a team as a whole.

  • Absences per establishment: number of absences per establishment

  • Average absences per duty station: Monthly average distributed over duty stations

  • Holidays by work places: Holidays by workplaces

  • Absences by type: Reasons for absences

Time and attendance reports

These reports bring together all the data related to the hours worked by your employees. The data shown is broken down according to:

  • Average hours worked: This data is calculated taking into account the total number of employees in the company, so it is essential that all employees record their working hours.

  • Average hours worked per team: Average calculation of the hours worked in each team.

  • Hours worked per employee: The recorded working hours of each of your employees

  • Average overtime: The average overtime hours of all employees

  • Overtime per employee: The overtime hours of each employee

  • Average clock-in and clock-out hours: The average clock-in and clock-out time of the workforce

  • Average clock-in and clock-out hours per team: Average clock-in and clock-out time separated by each team

  • Report of hours worked: Report per employee of their hours

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