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Use my area as an employee
Use my area as an employee

Learn to navigate your private employee area, request absences and record the hours worked.

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My zone is the space designed for your day-to-day work as an employee where you can consult and manage your profile, payslips and documents , in addition to requesting absences and marking your entry and exit times .

1. Access My Zone

To access My Zone you will need to have a user Holded account, either with a role of Guest or another . Get in touch with the person who manages the account or with your human resources reference so that they invite you and link your employee profile to your user account. Once I do this simply:

  1. Accesses Holded

  2. Go to Team from the navigation bar

  3. Select My Zone

2. Summary

From Summary you can the absences you have requested and national holidays, your last 3 payslips and a summary of the hours worked, in addition to having shortcuts to clock in your entrance or exit and request absences.

3. Time control

In this section, apart from the possibility to clock in , you will find an general count of your hours worked divided by their total, average and extraordinary hours. Once the time records have been reviewed and approved, it will not be possible to edit them or add new ones.

3. Absences

This is the section where you can request free days, consult the balance of the days used and remaining, as well as see the annual calendar and the national holidays. To request an absence:

  1. Click on the Request days button, top right

  2. Select type of absence, number of days and add a message if necessary.

  3. Click Request

4. Payroll and documents

In the Payslips section you will find a copy of all the payslips, while in the Documents section they are available, in the respective folders, the Other important documents, such as your contract or proof of absences.

5. My profile

This is where your personal information is centralized, such as tax information or contact details. You can edit each of the fields and decide what information to share with your coworkers.

6. Calendar

From this section you can view the work calendar of your colleagues and

be aware of their absences to better plan yours. The information can be filtered by location or by equipment. The decision to make this section visible or not is up to your HR manager.

7. Team

In this section you will find a directory of all the workers of your company and their information, according to what they chose to share. The decision to make this section visible or not is up to your HR manager.

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