Policies and types of absence

Add and customize your company's absence policies.

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Leave policies establish days off for your employees.

By default there will be a Basic policy already configured, you can modify it or create as many as you need.

Create an absence policy

For an absence policy to be effective, you'll need to assign it to the preferences of an employee's profile. By default, the system will assign the absence policy Basic, to modify it, simply select and edit the data according to your needs.

  1. Click + New Leave Policy

  2. Fill in the data and press Create

In case you select the option of Calendar days, holidays and weekends will be taken into account as possible days of absence.

Create absence types

Once the policies are configured you will need to determine the types of absences available. By default there are 4 already configured: vacations , illnesses , paternity and relative illness . You can edit them as you see fit, but you can only delete them if no absences already requested are linked.

  1. From Leave Type, click + New Leave Type

  2. Fill in the fields and press Create

By selecting whether to count for Absence Rate or not , you set whether this type of absence is calculated in your absenteeism KPIs or not.

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