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Equipment: frequently asked questions
Equipment: frequently asked questions

Answers to the most common questions about employee management.

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Is there a charge for each employee registered on the platform?

From the moment you activate the Team Pro gem, you will be charged €1.50 +VAT for each employee profile you generate. At the end of a contract, an employee's profile will not be deleted: their status will simply change to ex-employee and they will no longer be charged for it. When a contract is reinstated, the status will become active and the employee will be charged again.

Why can't I clock in or out?

When you get an error message that prevents you from generating a clock-in or clock-out, simply check that there is no clock-in already recorded on the same day and period.

Why can't my employees see all the absence types available?

It is very likely that when configuring the absence types, the option enabling their visibility was not selected.

Why can't I see the time control sorted from Monday to Friday?

The timekeeping widget is displayed from the current day onwards.

Why are the values in decimal when exporting the hours entered and overtime hours?

By reporting the hours in decimal, such as 1.50 instead of 1:30 min, it will be easier to multiply these hours by the numerical value of a salary and make overtime payments more convenient.

How is the overtime report calculated?

Overtime is calculated by the number of hours per week divided equally by the number of working days indicated in the contract.

Currently, to be counted as overtime, the employee must clock in each day of the week. Absence hours will not be counted.

Why can't I remove an absence?

It is very likely that the absence type has been deleted and therefore, when trying to delete an employee's absence that corresponds to this type, an error message appears.

To avoid this, simply go to Team > Absences, select the absence, and delete it from there.

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