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TicketBAI: frequently asked questions
TicketBAI: frequently asked questions

The answers to the most common questions.

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Is there any previous step before enabling TicketBAI?

Yes, if the tax office of Bizkaia is that of Bizkaia, before enabling TicketBai you will have to register here. This step is not necessary if you invoice in Guipuzkoa or Alava.

Is it necessary to upload my Company Certificate?

No. Holded is recognised as a social collaborator and, therefore, the system is authorised to send your invoices to the Tax Authorities. All you have to do is accept our terms and conditions when enabling TicketBAI.

Are all Holded documents sent to TicketBAI?

No. As of today, the following sales documents are sent: Sales invoices, Sales tickets, Corrective sales, Corrective tickets.

Is it compulsory to activate the Draft Sales mode to use TicketBAI?

Yes, by enabling TicketBai, the Draft Sales and Blocked Approved Invoices modes will be activated automatically, as the sending is automatic upon approval.

Is it possible to edit and reprocess an invoice to TicketBAI?

Yes, although only invoices with status Failed can be edited and resubmitted.

Once an already processed invoice has been cancelled, can an invoice be sent to TicketBAI using the same series and number?

No, it is not possible to reuse the same number and series of an already cancelled invoice. The invoice number and serial information is part of the unique key of the record and cannot be re-used for a different transaction.

In which cases can a TicketBAI invoice be cancelled?

An invoice can only be cancelled in cases other than those in which, according to the current regulations, corrective invoices must be issued, i.e:

  • When the invoice has been issued in error or has been issued, but has not yet been delivered or forwarded.

  • When an invoice is issued erroneously for a transaction that was never carried out.

  • When the invoice issued by the recipient on behalf of and in the name of the supplier has not been accepted by the latter, in which case the file is cancelled without there having been an invoice itself.

Is it possible to modify the data of an invoice that has already been processed to TicketBAI?

Yes, although the data can only be modified if the status of the invoice is Rejected. In case you want to modify the data of an invoice with status Accepted or Accepted with errors, you will have to create an amendment or cancel the invoice and create a new one.

Can invoices processed to TicketBAI be invalidated?

Yes, but only those with Approved status. To do this, open the invoice and in the TicketBai section click on the three-dot menu (⋮) where you will find the option to Invalidate.

When touse a corrective invoice for Differences and when for Substitution?

When completing an amendment invoice for TicketBAI, the Difference option is indicated when making a partial amendment, while the Substitution option is used when making a total amendment of the invoice.
Moreover, in the invoice by Differences the rectification of the amount will be made on the line of the document. In the invoice by Substitution, the amount does not have to be modified, since the invoice is rectified for the total, what will have to be completed are the details of the rectified Base, VAT/IGIC quota and REC quota.

In TicketBAI my invoice appears as "Issued by a third party" What does this mean?

It means that the invoice that is processed to TicketBAI is signed by a third party, in this case Holded. It is important to note that this does not refer to the taxable person, but to who is sending or signing the submission. In point 6.3 of this document you can read more about it.

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