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What status can TicketBAI invoices have?
What status can TicketBAI invoices have?

Find out the status of the invoices you send to the Regional Tax Authorities.

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By understanding what each status corresponds to, you can track in detail the invoices processed to TicketBAI.

1. Not set up

The status of an invoice will be Not configured when the invoice has been generated before the activation of TicketBAI in Holded. However, the invoice can still be sent without any problem.

2. Pending

An invoice with this status is pending to be sent to the tax authorities. Normally, every invoice generated after having enabled TicketBAI in Holded will be in Pending.

3. Rejected

When the status of an invoice is Rejected, it means that there has been an error in the sending process. Once the error has been detected, the invoice can be modified for reprocessing.

4. Cancelled

The status of an invoice will be Cancelled in all those cases where an amendment sale cannot be created. To perform this action, open the invoice and in the TicketBai section click on the three dots menu (⋮) where you will find the option to Invalidate. The cancelled invoice will appear in the list while the invoice entry will be automatically deleted from the accounts.

5. Accepted

This is the status when an invoice has been processed without errors. In addition to the status, the QR with the corresponding verification code will appear on the invoice. An invoice with the status Accepted cannot be modified or resent.

6. Accepted with errors

When an invoice is accepted with errors, it means that the sending has been satisfactory, but there has been a minor error that does not prevent the invoice from being processed. The corresponding QR is generated and the invoice cannot be edited. If you wish to modify any data, you will have to rectify the invoice and then resend it.

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