How TicketBAI works

Discover how to comply with the digitization requirements of the Basque Country Treasuries.

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💎 To use TicketBai activate the free Gem from the Holded store .

What is TicketBai

TicketBAI is a system implemented by the Euskadi Provincial Councils to digitally record all the income made by natural and legal persons who carry out an economic activity in the Basque Country.

This system forces all invoices or tickets to be digitally signed and delivered to the respective Provincial Treasuries so that a reference is generated on the invoice and a QR code that allow you to trace them.

How TicketBai works

Although the Haciendas (whether they are from Guipuzkoa, Bizkaia or Alava ) have their own system and regulations, Holded is compatible with all three and all you have to do is to agree to our terms and conditions by enabling the functionality.

Activating TicketBai adds a series of when creating new invoices, tickets or corrective sales. This information can be completed manually, but you also have automation options to streamline the process.

Upon approving the corrective invoice, ticket or sale, Holded will automatically send it to the Provincial Treasury. Once the file is received, the Treasury will be in charge of generating and assigning a QR code and an identification code TBAI; Finally, the document will be returned to Holded so that the invoice is validated.

You can check the validation status in the detailed view of your document: if it has been correctly received and approved by the Provincial Treasury, your document will appear as Accepted. If in the list of your invoices the status of Not Registered is shown, it means that some type of error has occurred in the processing.

By enabling TicketBai the options of draft sales and approved invoice blocks will be activated automatically. It is advisable that you save your invoices as a draft and that you check that all the data is correct, since, once the invoice is approved, the system will send it immediately to the Provincial Treasury.

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