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Verify the errors of shipments to TicketBai
Verify the errors of shipments to TicketBai

Check processing errors and update rejected invoices.

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When the Provincial Treasuries reject the invoices you process, you can view the type of error to understand why and make the necessary changes.

Check sending errors to TicketBai

  1. Select the invoice from the listing

  2. In the TicketBai section, click View errors

  3. In a new pop-up window the list of errors will appear with their code and description

You can learn more about sending errors to the Provincial Treasuries

Update invoices rejected by TicketBai

Only invoices with status failed can be edited and resubmitted.

  1. Activate the TicketBai column in the list of invoices

  2. Apply the filter + Filter > TicketBai > Rejected

  3. Click on the invoice you want to update

  4. In the new window, go to the three-dot menu (⋮)

  5. Select Edit

  6. Modifies the data as necessary

  7. Save changes

When you resubmit the document, the changed information will be updated correctly.

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