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Send invoices to the SII and check errors
Send invoices to the SII and check errors

Send your sales and purchase documents to the SII, check the shipping history and discover how to view errors.

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💎 The SII is included in the Standard , Advanced and Premium plans. In order to access this functionality, activate the Paid Gem from the Holded Store .

To send invoices that were created before the SII implementation, it will be necessary to edit and save them. Otherwise, the shipment cannot be made and the status Not configured will appear in the SII column in your list of invoices.

Send sales and purchase documents to the SII

  1. Activate the SII column in your list of documents to see the states

  2. Filters by the status pending or rejected. If you decide to select invoices with different statuses, you can only group those with the status Rejected or Pending . If it's a different status like Accepted with errors , you'll have to submit separately.

  3. Select the documents you want to send to the SII

  4. In the bottom bar, click the option Submit SII

  5. In the next window, check that the selection is correct

  6. Click Submit

After making the shipment and refreshing your list of sale or purchase documents, you can check in the column of the SII your filing status.

Consult the history of shipments to the SII

Check when each of your documents has been sent to the SII and how the Tax Agency has responded in this regard.

  1. Select the invoice for which you want to see the shipping history

  2. In the new window, go to the section of the SII on the right side

  3. Access the three-dot menu (⋮)

  4. Click History

  5. Query the information

Update invoices sent to the SII

Only invoices with status accepted can be updated.

  1. Filters by those sales or purchase documents in the accepted


  2. Click on the invoice you want to update

  3. In the new window, go to the three-dot menu (⋮)

  4. Click Edit

  5. Modifies the data as necessary

  6. Save changes

  7. Back in the list of invoices , check the box to the left of the document that you just updated

  8. From the bottom bar , click on the option Present SII

When you resubmit the document, the changed information will be updated correctly.

Check for errors in the invoices sent to the SII

If errors occur when sending, you can view them as follows:

  1. Enter the document

  2. In the SII section, on the right side, click View errors

  3. In a new pop-up window the list of errors will appear with their code and description

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