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Manufacturing: frequently asked questions
Manufacturing: frequently asked questions

Answers to the most common questions about Manufacturing

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What types of products can be manufactured at Holded?

A product manufactured in Holded can be of any type, including single products, products with variants, products with batches and products with serial numbers. The only exception is packs, which cannot be manufactured products.

Can packs be made of manufactured products?

Yes, you can make packs containing manufactured products, but not the other way around.

What is the difference between a pack and a manufactured product?

A pack is a combination of products without its own stock; its quantity is based on the sum of the stock of the individual products that compose it.

In contrast, a manufactured product has its own stock that increases with each production.

At each sale, the stock of the manufactured product is reduced (not the stock of its component materials). This is because the manufactured product has already been produced previously and its stock is adjusted at that time.

In packs, on the other hand, the stock of the individual products is discounted at each sale.

When selling a manufactured product, is the stock of materials used in its manufacture discounted?

No, when selling a manufactured product, the stock of the bill of materials is not deducted. The manufactured product has its own stock, and this is adjusted when it is initially manufactured, discounting the stock of materials at that time.

This distinction is fundamental to understanding the difference between manufactured products and packs in Holded.

Why don't manufactured products appear when creating a purchase invoice?

Manufactured products do not appear on invoices or purchase orders because they are not products that you buy directly, but products that you manufacture. To produce them you need to purchase the materials that will be used in their manufacture.

The purchase of these materials is recorded on purchase invoices, while the manufacturing of the product is handled through production orders or the fast manufacturing system.

Does the manufacturing price replace the purchase price?

Yes, for manufactured products, the manufacturing price replaces the purchase price, as the latter is not used for products that you do not purchase directly, but manufacture from other purchase products considered as materials.

When is the average cost of a manufactured product updated?

The average cost is updated with each production, either through the production order or the fast manufacturing system. Both methods replace purchase invoices and update the average cost of the product.

Can I create the materials that are part of a manufactured product while creating the manufactured product?

No, this is not possible, since materials are also products, and you must have previously created them in order to add them to the bill of materials.

Why should I manufacture a product instead of managing its stock directly?

The "manufacture" option performs a simultaneous stock regularization, increasing the stock of the manufactured product and reducing the stock of the materials used. The "stock management" option, on the other hand, would only increase the stock of the manufactured product, without reducing the stock of the materials that make up the product.

What happens when a product that is part of the materials of a manufactured product is removed?

A message appears indicating that the product will also be removed from the manufactured product. If you remove all materials from the manufactured product, the product will be empty, although it will still exist, allowing you to add new materials later.

Can I uncheck the manufactured option on a product once it has been saved?

No, once a product has been saved as "manufactured", the option cannot be unchecked. It will remain, therefore, as a manufactured product.

Are there any accounting movements in the manufacture of products?

No, there are currently no accounting records for movements associated with the manufacture of products in Holded. For example, the transfer of materials to manufactured products is not reflected in the accounting.

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