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E-invoice: frequently asked questions
E-invoice: frequently asked questions

The answers to the most common questions.

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Can I know if everything is correct before processing an e-invoice?

Yes. To check if there are any errors, you will have to download the e-invoice from Holded and upload it to the Spanish government's FACE platform.

Can I sign an e-invoice in Holded?

No. At the moment it is not possible to sign an e-invoice on the platform. To do so, you will need to download theGovernment's programme Autofirma.

Can I indicate the payment method on an e-invoice?

Yes, first of all, add a bank to your Holded account and configure it as a payment method so that it appears in the .xml file. Once finished, create your invoice and in the e-invoice fields select Transfer from the Payment method drop-down menu.

What version of e-invoice does Holded use?

Holded uses e-invoice version 3.2.2.

Are there mandatory fields in an e-invoice?

Yes, the mandatory fields are those related to the administrative centres, i.e. DIR3: Accounting Office, Managing Body, Processing Unit and Proposing Body, the latter being an optional field. The data to be completed must be provided by the corresponding bodies.

Is it necessary to indicate the tax data even if the quota is 0%?

Yes, by not adding any type of tax, validation errors are generated. Even when the VAT rate is zero, it is necessary to select between Non Taxable, Exempt or Reverse Taxable.

Do I need to fill in all the billing address details?

Yes, both for the contact and the account issuing the invoice. If the address is not provided in the general account data, when trying to download the electronic invoice the system will display the error "Account address too short".

What does the error "BIC element - The value is 8 digits long. This differs from the allowed length of 11"?

The BIC code is a bank identification code used to transfer money between banks. It is composed of 11 digits: the bank code (BSAB) + the country code (ES) + the location code (BB) + the branch code (XXX). If you get this error, it is likely that you are missing one of these elements.

To correct it you will have to go to your bank account settings, click on Select account> Three dots menu> Settings and enter the correct BIC number. If you do not know your branch code, you can replace it with "XXX".

What does the error "The file is not a valid version 3.2 format" mean?

In this case you will have to check that the contact name is no longer than 40 characters.

What does the error "maxLength-valid" mean?

If this error appears, it means that you are exceeding the limit of characters allowed in some fields, such as the province, for example, which has a limit of 20 characters. You can check here the accepted format for each field.

What does the error "Account address too short" mean?

This error appears when the information on the address of the entity issuing the invoice is missing. To correct it, go to your Holded account settings and add the billing address.

What does the error "The selected file is not valid: Error in its reading: TotalInvoiceInvoiceInvoice with number X is not equal to TotalGrossBeforeTaxes + TotalTotalTaxesDiscounted - TotalTotalTaxesDrawn, it should be: X"?

Although the syntactic validation is correct, the accounting validation is wrong.

This is because a manually created tax is being used in the invoice which is not associated to any group. To avoid this error, associate a tax group to the one you created manually.

How to avoid typical errors when processing the digital kit's digitising agent information?

  • The period between the filing start date and the filing end date cannot be less than 12 months
    If the period between both dates is less than 12 months, despite having all the other fields filled in correctly, the procedure will fail.

  • The reference to the Agreement Number must appear in the first line of the invoice concept
    If the Agreement Number of the Digital Kit is not entered as the invoice concept, the procedure will give an error.

  • The subsidy amount must correspond to the subtotal of the invoice
    The Subsidy amount field must match the amount of the invoice.
    If the invoice amount is lower than the subsidy granted, the subtotal amount must be indicated in this field and not the total subsidised amount. If the amount is higher than the subsidy, only the subsidised amount must be entered.

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