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Manage access to SII functionalities
Manage access to SII functionalities

Customize the roles and permissions for managing documents for the SII.

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💎 The SII is included in the Standard , Advanced and Premium plans. In order to access this functionality, activate the Paid Gem from the Holded Store .

  1. Click on Manage roles

  2. Click + Create Role

  3. Add a title and description for the role

  4. Go to the Sales


  5. Enables access to sales and billing through the


  6. Search for SII Shipping among the options on the list

  7. Use the selector to its right to enable access to SII functions for users assigned this role

Those users who do not have this option activated will not be able to register or cancel purchase/sale documents in the SII, while only administrators or owners of an account will have the necessary permissions to add automation rules.

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