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What you can do with sales funnels
What you can do with sales funnels

Don't miss a single detail of your sales cycle thanks to CRM.

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To access this functionality, activate the Sales Funnel Gem from the Holded Store for free.

Sales funnel, also known as CRM, is a functionality that allows you to follow the cycle of your sales by showing each stage of a negotiation, from the reception of the lead to the closing of a contract.

Create funnels

Each opportunity is linked to a pipeline, or funnel. The different stages of a pipeline are customisable and you can decide the number of days after which an opportunity will be considered stalled. Each funnel can be public or private, depending on your needs. By deleting a funnel you can transfer the corresponding opportunities to another pipeline.

Register opportunities

In the CRM you can create a new opportunity, link it to your contacts and activities, share it with your colleagues, as well as consult your financial forecasts by day, week, month or quarter.

Through the calculation of the probability of your opportunity you will be able to make a forecast of your possible income and consult it from the Forecasts section, as well as add a percentage of probability of closure depending on the stage you are in.

Manage opportunities

You can assign an economic value to your opportunity, add a closing date and select the stage of the funnel you previously configured with which you want to start the cycle. You can also add notes, upload files and create related activities , as well as view their history.

You choose whether to opt for a more graphical view of your opportunities with the funnel view or if you prefer to view them through a list. Whichever view you choose, you can always filter your opportunities, as well as duplicate or delete them.

Modify the status and value of an opportunity

You can change the status of an opportunity at any time, as well as check its value depending on the stage it is in, consult all related activities and add extra customised fields.

Note that if you are an administrator or account owner you will have full control over the management of the pipeline and its opportunities.

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