Creating a sales funnel

Optimise the stages of your CRM.

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To access this functionality, activate the Sales Funnel Gem from the Holded Store for free.

Through the stages of a sales funnel you can track a detailed sales cycle with its phases and opportunities. The stages are customisable and each funnel can be public or private, depending on your needs.

Create a funnel and its stages

  1. Go to Sales

  2. Open the dropdown and click + New funnel

  3. Name your funnel

  4. Set Privacy. The Public option allows any user to access the funnel, while by selecting the Private option, only users or sales teams of your choice will be able to access it.

  5. Define the Stages of your opportunities

  6. Click on Save

By default, 4 stages will appear. Enter the name of your prospect, leave a short description and set the economic probability. You can add new stages or delete them according to your needs.

Edit a funnel

  1. Click on the three-dot menu (⋮) and select Edit funnel.

If you need to delete or duplicate a funnel, repeat the same action and click on the appropriate button.

Add a sales team to a funnel

  1. Select the funnel from the drop-down menu

  2. Click the plus (+) button

  3. Select the sales team or users who will have access to the funnel

  4. Click Save

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