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Import and export your assets
Import and export your assets

The benefits and performance of your assets are essential aspects of your business. Import them and follow their evolution from Accounting.

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Similar to the import process for journal entries and accounts, to move your business assets into Holded, go to Menu>Import>Assets.

Once in Import, perform the following steps:

  1. Click on Accounting and then click on Assets.

  2. Download the Assets import template in Excel format.

  3. Complete the import template (see guidelines below).

  4. Rename and save the Excel template to your computer.

  5. Upload your template.

Guidelines for completing the import template

Below are the fields and information you will need to complete in the template, along with some tips on how to optimise the transfer of your assets to Holded. Fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory(*):

  • Date*: indicates the date on which the depreciation will start.

  • NIF*: the tax identification number is used to identify individuals for commercial activities in Spain.

  • Contact name*: complete with the name of the person associated with the asset.

  • Name*: fill in the name of the asset, e.g. office desks.

  • To be depreciated *: add the unit amount excluding tax to be depreciated on the date indicated in the entry line.

  • Units *: add the quantity associated with the asset, even if it is only one. This ensures that the amount of the asset equals the price times the number of units.

  • Accounting account: write the number corresponding to the accounts Non-current assets (Group 2). For example: 20100000 (Development) or 21000000 (Land and Buildings).

To export your assets, go to Accounting>Assets. Once there, apply filters depending on the information you want to download.

If you do not use any filters, the complete list of Assets will be downloaded, even if you have previously made a search.

Finally, click on the export button in the top right corner and the download will start automatically.

I would like to receive personalised help

If you would prefer our Import team to give you a hand with the preparation of your files, at Holded we have a team of experts who can advise you and carry out the import for you.

Our team will assist you with the preparation of your journal, sales and purchase invoices, contacts, accounts and products. They will also help you to detect errors, correct them and organise each of your files.

This will ensure that all your business information is transferred correctly and give you peace of mind that the import will be successful.

To find out more about the service and pricing, please email us at [email protected].

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