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Import your projects using Excel
Import your projects using Excel

Transfer your projects to Holded from an Excel file and access them directly from the platform

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To import your projects into Holded from an XLSX file, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Projects, in the navigation bar

  2. Go to the three-dot menu (⋮), top right

  3. Click on "Import".

  4. From the available options, choose "Excel".

  5. Click on "Download a sample XLSX file".

  6. Fill in or edit the fields available in the downloaded file.

  7. Once the template is filled in, save the spreadsheet in XLSX format to be able to import the information correctly.

  8. Go back to step 5, and drag (or select) the file into the import window.

  9. Click on "Confirm" to perform the import

Remember that after finishing the import, you always have the option to edit any data from the platform.

How to fill in the template

To complete the Excel template, fill in the fields indicated below (those marked with an asterisk are mandatory(*):

  • Name*: name by which you will identify the project within Holded.

  • Description: define the project briefly.

  • Contact: add a contact to the project (it is not necessary to be registered in the Contacts section).

  • Mode (basic, sprints, kanban)*: write the name of the template you want to use: basic, sprints or kanban.

  • Key (three characters)*: enter three characters to identify the project.

  • Start date dd/mm/yy*: indicate the day you start working on the project following the format dd/mm/yy.

  • Due date dd/mm/yy: indicates the day on which you finish the project, following the format dd/mm/yy.

  • Tags (comma separated): separated by commas, they function as labels to help you identify your projects.

  • Allow notifications (1 : yes, 0 : no): if marked as active (1), alerts will be sent to the emails of each employee involved in creating the tasks.

  • Invoicing (1: yes, 0: no): enter a 0 (invoicing disabled) or 1 (invoicing enabled) depending on whether you want to enable invoicing for the project.

  • Budgets (1: yes, 0: no): decide if you want to add the budget assigned to your project. Enter 1 if yes, or 0 if no.

  • Public (1 : yes, 0 : no)*: determine the privacy of the project. Enter 1 if you want it to be public or 0 if you want it to be private.

I would like to receive personalised help

If you would prefer our Import team to give you a hand with the preparation of your files, at Holded we have a team of experts who can advise you and carry out the import for you.

Our team will assist you with the preparation of your journal, sales and purchase invoices, contacts, accounts and products. They will also help you to detect errors, correct them and organise each of your files.

This will ensure that all your business information is transferred correctly and give you peace of mind that the import will be successful.

To find out more about the service and pricing, please email us at [email protected].

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