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Form 190: what to take into account?
Form 190: what to take into account?
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This form is a summary that companies submit once a year. It is used to declare the withholdings made on pay slips, workers' settlements and professional invoices.

To access the form, you have to:

  1. Go to the Analytical section and click on Taxes.

  2. In the Upcoming taxes panel, click on Show all.

  3. Access form 190.

Clarifications on the boxes

  • The boxes related to full payments and withholdings are completed with the sales, purchase and payroll documents that have been created during the financial year with withholdings. If you need to add or delete any amount, you can edit the box manually.

  • The fields for the payee's Tax ID number, Surname and Name or name of payee are automatically filled in based on the contact information.

  • The Key and Sub-key fields are automatically populated with the information from the type of document used to post the withholding.

Tips to avoid mismatches

  • Cycle the Update button within the template each time you want the boxes to be included and recalculated with the new invoice information.

  • If you edit any boxes manually, remember to check that the values you entered are updated.

Further recommendations

  • If the payee is an employee, click on the Additional data section to activate this section. This will display the Recipient in these fields and you will be able to manually edit any information that will be included in the .txt file.

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